Who we are

BTB Language Solutions has provided more than 30,000 hours of interpretation services in the Northwest over the last five years.  BTB has translated over 2 million words from source to target language.  We provided language services in 30+ languages in the last year alone. 

BTB Language Solutions provides language services to more than 75 clients throughout the Northwest. These clients range from small clinics and businesses to government entities. Many of our clients have multiple sites and thus we are accustomed to serving various locations throughout the Northwest. All of our interpreters and translators are highly qualified and vary in their certifications and years of experience. Each of them must meet minimum requirements to be considered adequate in their field of specialty.

Our value-added services include on-line scheduling services, free 24 hour confirmation calls, and full-time representatives to respond immediately to all of your language needs.

Over 25 years of combined language experience.


Each of our team members has received extensive training both in their given languages, as well as professional standards of conduct. Rest assured that every interaction with a member of BTB will be an enjoyable experience with a well-mannered specialist.


Each member of the BTB team has passed a rigorous proficiency exam as well as an ethics test. All document translations are proofread by at least 2 native speakers before submission. BTB Language Solutions is committed to conveying your message in the most precise manner possible.

Personal Service

BTB is committed to your satisfaction. We live and operate right here in Idaho. Unlike many other companies, we meet personally with all of our clients. No more calls to long distance numbers and large corporations with faceless voices. Your company deserves better. It deserves respect. It deserves BTB Language Solutions.


BTB Language Solutions is on time every time, guaranteed. We know you’re busy. We know you have more important things to do than worry about language barriers with current and potential clients. Let BTB break those barriers for you in a consistent, professional manner.